Can i use clorox wipes on the kitchen counter?

Disinfecting countertops is an important part of kitchen cleaning, but if you have granite countertops, you'll need to avoid Clorox wipes. Although extremely practical, both Clorox and Lysol wipes will damage granite countertops. Unfortunately for our porous surfaces, no. In fact, you should not use Clorox wipes on any surface that is protected by a sealant, as they could damage that sealant.

For example, the ever popular granite countertops are one of the most common surfaces that fall into this category. I was wondering if I could clean my granite countertops with Clorox disinfectant wipes. Will it damage countertops in any way? Using disinfectant wipes on granite countertops is one of the easiest ways to clean surfaces, but unfortunately it may not be the best method due to the list of ingredients in disinfectant wipes. As citric acid is very strong, these ingredients can break down the sealant that is placed on granite kitchen countertops and serves to protect them.

Whether it's the same one-year formula or something like that, Clorox wipes don't contain any bleach at all, if you're wondering if the bleach could damage the granite. Using strong-smelling disinfectant wipes on granite countertops would be the worst type of chemical wipes you could ever select. Using specialized cleaning wipes for granite can provide all the benefits that regular disinfectant wipes provide, but they promise not to damage or break the sealant on your granite kitchen countertop. Once you've installed your kitchen's granite countertops, you'll want to make sure they're clean and properly cared for to ensure that the granite stays on the better conditions.

Granite also has the advantage of being resistant to scratches and stains compared to other kitchen countertop materials. If you are buying specialized cleaning wipes for granite, you will need to ensure that they are made with a formula with a balanced pH and that they do not contain ingredients such as citric acid, bleach, lemon and orange. However, can disinfectant wipes be used on granite countertops to keep them clean? If you have granite countertops, you'll know that granite material is sensitive to certain ingredients and, therefore, all cleaning products will need to be chosen carefully. Granite is one of the best materials you can choose for your kitchen countertops if you're looking for a durable design. If disinfectant wipes are your preferred cleaning product, you can try replacing them with wipes that are suitable for using granite.

Okay, that's not that exciting and it kind of sucks if you've been using Clorox wipes on your (culprit) granite. The use of Clorox wipes on granite countertops is not recommended, as the wipes are usually composed of ingredients such as alkylpolyglucoside, ethanolamine and ethanolic alcohol.