What is the best cleaner and polish for granite countertops?

We recommend the Weiman Granite & Stone liquid cleaner, a multi-surface spray that can be safely used daily to clean sealed granite, including countertops, floors, showers, bathtubs, and more. Overall, our best choice of granite countertop cleaner is Granite Gold Clean and Shine spray, which is an effective cleaner and polish. While it's a powerful product that needs to be treated with care, it's unrivaled in terms of quality and value. For a plant-based product, we recommend the Therapy Clean Granite & Stone cleaner and polish, which is made with renewable biological ingredients and comes with a reusable microfiber cloth.

Granite requires regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain its pristine condition, which is where this triple-action granite cleaner comes in handy. He spent quite a bit of time researching the best granite countertop cleaners, comparing lists of ingredients, uses, and more. Because countertops are one of the most commonly used surfaces in the kitchen, they are subject to a lot of abuse, so it's important to clean, seal and polish them regularly. Some products, such as the Therapy Clean Granite & Stone cleaning and polishing kit, can simultaneously clean and polish.

To keep granite looking new and shiny, you should use a triple strategy: cleaner, sealer and polish. The MARBLELIFE granite countertop cleaner is superior to other cleaners in its ability to deeply clean pores where oils and bacteria are trapped and eliminate everything that makes countertops unsafe. The executive director of the cleaning and home care laboratory at the Good Housekeeping Institute, Carolyn Forté, explains that “granite countertops are durable and, although they are not as porous as some natural stones, they need to be cleaned, polished and sealed regularly to protect them and prevent scratches, stains and other damage.